A flexible document automation and production solution

With our flexible document processing solutions, we reduce the overheads and risks associated with handing, printing, and distributing financial reports, loan agreements, insurance policies, sales proposals, contracts, and any other kind of document.

Document Production & Automation i-Con can collect your data from various sources and integrate it into a powerful document production and distribution system using intelligent templates. Using this method, even the most complex documents can be drafted in a fraction of the usual time.

I-Con can create both simple and complex documents, encrypt, apply conditional formatting, edit or produce data-driven documents.

The i-Con Microsoft ® Word component can insert data and manipulate standard Word templates to produce professional documentation from your production systems. Combined with the PDF and Email components, documents can be automatically created, converted to PDF files, encrypted with a user password and emailed to your customers, without any user intervention.

Being able to manipulate documents by configuring the i-Con Word component without changing any code, allows your document solution to be flexible as your business requirements change. No more expensive programmers and long delays when new documents or changes to existing formats and data are required.

The i-Con Word component can be used in conjunction with any other i-Con component to fully integrate your business requirements with your production systems.

i-Con Microsoft ® Word Component Features
  • Automatically create barcodes in the document
  • Insert text by token or bookmark in the document template
  • Insert images (e.g. signatures) into a document
  • Insert data into a preformatted table in a document

i-Con PDF Component Features
  • Convert any document (Word, Excel, CSV, PPT) to PDF format
  • Set individual passwords for each document
  • Allow/deny printing, editing and copying of PDF documents
  • No additional PDF software is required

Automated document production has endless uses in the business world. With i-Con, virtually any organisation can automate documents, whether it’s a small business automating sales documents or a real estate agent automating lease agreement workflows.

Using these three scenarios, we can see how i-Con works in practice
Scenario 1

Our customer is a company specialising in vehicle management solutions and some of the vehicle information that they receive is derived from government databases.

They requested that we create and send (by Email) tax invoices, statements, and cost centre reports as PDFs and Excel documents.

The i-Con interface processes the data of more than 120,000 vehicles and does the following:
  • Obtains vehicle information from a Universe database
  • Adds the data for each report to a SQL Server table
  • Extracts the data from the SQL table and then groups the data by vehicle registration number
  • Creates multiple reports using the data
  • Data is validated before the live run
  • Emails the reports to their clients.
  • With i-Con, these new reports could be created in one interface and automatically emailed each month.

Due to our rapid time-to-market, we were able to deliver a working solution with redesigned reports in a very short timeframe, while i-Con’s low-code capability made it easy to modify the reports and adapt them to meet the customer’s needs.

Scenario 2
Our customer is a financial institution that specialises in business finance services. They requested that we generate a Credit Rating report in PDF format and include charts and graphs that summarise a customer’s credit rating and risk profile. The report had to include financial data and scoring trends for the previous five years.

Based on a user action, the i-Con interface could poll a specific location where the Universe database would drop the flat files.

Once the file has been picked up, i-Con then executes several Excel macros to:
  • Format the data
  • Populate the graphs and charts
  • Apply Styling
  • Dynamically construct the headers.

A PDF file is created and the i-Con interface deposits this report in the same location, keeping the original file name intact. At the same time, the old flat files are archived.

This entire process takes less than a second, so these reports are generated in real-time.

Scenario 3

Our customer is a financial institution that requested a Forex business workflow with an encrypted automated document production and distribution solution built into the process. In addition, the solution required integration with 3rd party information providers.

Here is how that process worked:

The client requests a forex purchase and the following forms are generated, stored by i-Con and then sent to the relevant parties

  • FICA documentation for the financial institution
  • Client mandate documentation
  • Client questionnaire
  • BOP form is generated by i-Con and is used to capture foreign exchange transfer details for the Reserve Bank
  • Bank Account is opened in the Client’s name

If the amount is greater than R 1 million, an additional process flow is initiated which includes:

  • Tax clearance is processed for the client
  • Asset and Liability documentation is generated
  • Power of Attorney form is generated
  • The relevant forms are sent to the client
  • Bank Account is opened in the Client’s name

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