About Us

ProSolutions Integration was born out of our desire to become known as a world class company specialising in integrated business process automation

Registered in March 2017 and 50% owned by the Prosol Group, institutional knowledge and experience gained over the last thirty years has been retained and built upon.

The origins of the Prosol Group began in 1986 as a specialised software development company, initially concentrating on payroll and human capital solutions, and later becoming a pioneer in web application development.

As the company has developed and expanded over the years, specialised businesses have been formed, each tightly focused on providing the best possible services and solutions to their targeted industries.

ProSolutions is well on its way to becoming The Name when it comes to system integration solutions, and as such is dedicated to providing smart, cost-effective solutions to its clients, with a focus on exceptional customer service.

Do the unconventional and Think Smarter Integration, ProSolutions.

Application and system integration solutions provided by ProSolutions are quick to market, scalable, efficiently deployed and cost-effective.

ProSolutions seek to defy the rules of conventional middleware implementations with its:

• speed to deployment;
• flexibility during changing times;
• skills to negotiate rapids;
• cost-efficiency; and
• scalability of solutions.

The ProSolutions team make the following promise to all of their clients:

• To be responsible and ethical in their handling of all information.
• To deliver the highest quality of service before, during, and after the implementation of an integration solution.
• To be respectful of everyone, in all interactions, whether dealing with clients or each other.

MISK Virtual Internship Program

Pleased to share my completion in the Misk virtual internship program from Misk Foundation and ProSolutions, where I was selected among the 3% of 20,000 applications.

It was such an enriching and thrilling experience for the past three months to work with the company and teammates from various backgrounds and learn from them.

I would like to express my appreciation for my great supervisor and the CEO of ProSolutions Juan Paul Araujo for his continuous support, I had an amazing experience working with you and I have learned a lot from you and your team. Finally, I would like to thank the program experience manager Allison Ross for the guidance and support.

Virtual Internships’ 2020 Host Company Award Winners

Congratulations to Nightspade (Indonesia) and Prosolutions (South Africa) who are the two winners of the “Best Intern Feedback” award!

These two host companies received perfect 5/5 feedback scores from their interns’ final evaluations, and were highly recommended as providing an excellent internship experience! Well done to these two companies for showing such a strong effort in making their interns’ experience so impactful!

Client Portfolio

ProSolutions has a track record of providing exceptional services and solutions to a wide variety of clients, both locally and internationally.