Banking Automation

Mobile Banking Integration

i-Con enables banks to give their clients the ability to perform transactions from mobile devices.

Document Production

Using document templates designed by you and ProSolutions, i-Con can facilitate communication and produce documents.


i-Con’s ISO20022 solution provides an Automated Transfer System (ATS) that comprises of a Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system and Automated Clearing House (ACH) modules.


i-Con’s ISO8583 solution enables financial institutions to integrate with other m-commerce (mobile commerce) and integration platforms to provide new services to their customers.

Internet Banking and Teller Integration using Icon

Account to Account, Account to Card, Account to Phone, and Account to Business transaction requests are handled by i-Con which acts as the go-between between the Internet Banking channel, Teller channels as well as Postilion.

Converting MX2MT – ISO20022 to MT SWIFT messages

A popular way to reduce costs for implementing ISO20022 within a core banking system is to use i-Con to do the conversions from ISO20022 to MT SWIFT messages.

Mobile Onboarding Solution

i-Con can enable financial, and other, institutions to bring already existing products to remotely located clients and enable them to open new accounts online by providing easy access to the required information and receive SMS notifications.