Support Analytics

The i-Con Support Analytics tool is an online system that has been designed with simplicity in mind.

This has been done to reduce the turn-around time in resolving production incidents and general troubleshooting and the number of calls made to second-line support. Support staff are able to search for logs or system failures simply by applying filters. This increases efficiency and reduces costs.

i-Con Support Analytics allows support staff to have i-Con transactional data at their fingertips as and when they need it. The tool is a web based system that has been designed to be used effectively by users with little to no training.

Because Support Analytics allows access to sensitive transactional data we have embedded strong security features. An Active Directory (AD) group can be set up to allow only users within the AD group to access the Support Analytics data.

Support staff do not need to have any query writing or programming knowledge, and they have access to transactional data in real time. This means that they can help resolve incidents far quicker than with the use of other analytics tools.

The i-Con Support Analytics tool is a must have for organisations supporting their own solutions.

Key Benefits
  • Reduce troubleshooting turn-around times
  • Reduce calls to second-line support
  • Reduce training costs and time for support personnel
  • Web based
Key Features
  • Simple user interface
  • Almost real-time access to transactional data
  • Security
  • No programming or query knowledge required
How it Works
The Interface

The interface allows you to select the environment you want to query and the projects and components associated with the selected i-Con interface. The user can then select the date and time range (up to the millisecond) and provide a keyword to refine results. A filter can be used to either include or exclude all results containing the users chosen keyword. The user can also view the flow of the selected i-Con interface.

i-Con Support Analytics is a must have tool for your organisation. If you are in a fast-paced environment with vast quantities of data to query and you need your staff to have everything at their fingertips, you cannot afford to be without i-Con Support Analytics.