Real Business Automation through Systems Integration

Leading South African Talent Management Implementation company, Prime Reason, specialises in HRIS systems and business intelligence (BI) services as well as collaborates with clients in the management and control of significant volumes of data. Many of the company’s clients use multiple systems to store and manage data from employees, payroll and other essential information which require support in managing and integrating this information. ProSolutions collaborated with Prime Reason to implement their i-Con platform that allows for seamless integration of information across multiple systems to improve visibility, control and access.

“Using i-Con allows us to integrate across different systems to build simple solutions that would usually be complex for our clients,” says Angus Young, CEO at Prime Reason. “A recent example of this was when we had a client that required the integration of a leave system with our learning system to better manage staff availability. We used the i-Con platform to manage this process easily, and ensure the client’s data was secure and accessible.”

Prime Reason also uses the i-Con platform in its BI services, as it allows the company to easily integrate data from multiple sources. In conjunction with its applications across customer data and HRIS systems, i-Con saves Prime Reason time and enables automation, so that the company has the perfect platform for ensuring business and data continuity.

The value of intelligence
Prime Reason has implemented i-Con to achieve a number of relevant business objectives that include: automation, risk mitigation, and line of sight into databases. The platform has also provided the company with streamlined DTUs, SMS notification management, and improvements in data capture.

“We use the solution to help us in our mandate of developing agile and intelligent solutions that are relevant to our customers,” says Young. “It also helps us to manage the skilled human capital in our organisation so that we can work more efficiently with our talent as well as build capacity to meet our business needs.”

ProSolutions has provided Prime Reason with more than just a platform, as the company has delivered workshops to ensure personnel understand exactly how the system works, so that the business leverages the most value from it. The team from ProSolutions has regularly been on-site at Prime Reason, monitoring all interfaces and services running on i-Con so that any challenges are instantly resolved and analysed to improve efficiencies. ProSolutions provides 24/7 support to customers by providing its fully-trained team members to work on-site as required. This ensures a partnership that’s focused on achieving the right results, rather than a ‘drop and go’ implementation.

“We worked closely with Prime Reason, and wrote the entire integration process to ensure that i-Con solved their immediate, as well as long-term problems,” explains Juan Paul Araujo, CEO of ProSolutions. “We ensured that our team was on-site to provide Prime Reason with ongoing support, and we collaborated with them on customising the solution to fit their very specific business requirements.”

The result is a robust and agile Business Automation solution that delivers comprehensive results, thanks to ongoing, relevant and intelligent systems integration.

“Integration is a primary secret of Business Automation success, as it really does define how well any solution delivers on its mandate,” concludes Araujo. “With our commitment to results, and our close collaboration with Prime Reason, we were able to integrate i-Con intelligently, delivering real results for their business processes and their customers.”

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