Set up and automate your ETL processes in minutes

With i-Con ETL solutions, data can be gathered from multiple sources and consolidated into a single, central location, enabling seamless integration of different types of data.

ETL and the Cloud
In the past, engineers performed data extraction and transformation processes locally or on-site. However, these days operations are increasingly migrating away from centralised data centres and toward systems that run partially or entirely in the cloud. In addition, the movement toward cloud-native storage and processing results from technological advances has increased efforts to prevent data loss, faster internet speeds and cybersecurity threats.

Other factors are transforming these processes in addition to the trend toward cloud-native storage and processing. For example, the proliferation of devices connected to the internet, improvements in methods to collect and store information, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have all contributed to the boom in big data. As a result, the number of data sources continues to multiply, and companies increasingly depend on data to maintain their competitive edge.

Due to these two factors, ETL must now be able to handle more data from more sources more quickly than ever before. In addition, it is often necessary for ETL to handle streaming data, which means it must process data as it is generated in real-time.

Simplify data extraction and transformation with i-Con ETL
i-Con’s ETL process is engineered so that your data pipelines and analytics provide business value to your company. This offers several benefits:

Information Clarity – During transformation, data is cleansed and collated across sources in a staging environment for analysis before being transferred to the destination database or warehouse. Staging the data enables you to work with clear information and evaluate undefined data.

Information Completeness – A well-designed ETL pipeline includes all the business sources relevant to your operations in a single place.

Information Quality – i-Con’s ETL processes validate data during extraction and, by definition, correct or discard data during transformation. These defined processes ensure data integrity before being analysed, thus increasing trust in the analysis and giving you the confidence to use data for business intelligence and data-driven decision-making.

Information Velocity – i-Con can trigger the entire ETL pipeline whenever new data arises in the sources or when existing data is modified. You can therefore control the accuracy of the data and the speed at which you make decisions based on signals in the outside world.

Unique Business Insights – The entire ETL process brings structure to your company’s information and allows you to spend more time analysing individual questions and acquiring new insights.

ETL use case: Business Intelligence
The complexity of data strategies has never been higher. By transforming vast quantities of data into actionable business intelligence, i-Con ETL solutions make it possible for companies to make better decisions.

Consider how much raw data a manufacturer has at his disposal. The company collects data from sensors in the facility and assembly line machines and sales, logistics, marketing, and financial data (often using a SaaS tool).

That data must be extracted, processed and loaded into a new destination for analysis.

i-Con ETL enables data management, data integrity, business intelligence, data analytics, and machine learning capabilities by:

  • Delivering a single point-of-view
  • Providing historical context
  • Improving efficiency and productivity

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