At ProSolutions, our approach to sustainability encompasses four equally important dimensions: economic, social, environmental, and cultural

We support these dimensions through our values “Passion, Leadership and Care”.

  • We base our long-term client relationships and profitability on our passion for excellence in quality and continuous process improvement
  • We are respectful of cultural differences and promote values-based leadership and entrepreneurship
  • We care about the health and safety of our people and the environment

Our values remind us of our purpose and guide every business decision we make.

Committed to making a difference

We are committed to being a responsible and contributing corporate citizen, which means we invest in, and contribute to the communities where we do business. As part of our corporate social responsibility activities, we encourage employee volunteerism.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility projects are intended to enable the meaningful participation of previously disadvantaged persons in our economy.

WeThinkCode –

In August 2021, ProSolutions engaged with WeThinkCode, a tech training academy that produces graduates who are workplace ready.

The students are from disadvantaged backgrounds, immersed into software training and prepared to participate in the digital sector.
We work with WeThinkCode to mentor students every week.

After working with and assessing the students, we will then offer an internship role, with a view towards permanent employment.

Hardcoded –

Hardcoded is an IT hub where we specialise in specific topics to create solutions for the African context. We offer opportunities in an environment where creative minds come together and build applications that can make a difference. A place for rising developers to collaborate, grow and fine-tune their skills.

Sessions are conducted every week and the aim is to work with the students and prepare them for the workplace. Once we identify the right candidate, we intend to offer them a position.

MISK Virtual Internship Program

Posted by Ruba Alsmail, on completing her internship with ProSolutions:

Pleased to share my completion in the Misk virtual internship program from Misk Foundation and ProSolutions, where I was selected among the 3% of 20,000 applications.

It was such an enriching and thrilling experience for the past three months to work with the company and teammates from various backgrounds and learn from them.

I would like to express my appreciation for my great supervisor and the CEO of ProSolutions Juan Paul Araujo for his continuous support, I had an amazing experience working with you and I have learned a lot from you and your team. Finally, I would like to thank the program experience manager Allison Ross for the guidance and support.

Virtual Internships’ 2020 Host Company Award Winners

Congratulations to Nightspade (Indonesia) and Prosolutions (South Africa) who are the two winners of the “Best Intern Feedback” award!

These two host companies received perfect 5/5 feedback scores from their interns’ final evaluations, and were highly recommended as providing an excellent internship experience! Well done to these two companies for showing such a strong effort in making their interns’ experience so impactful!