3rd Party Data Suppliers

Interfacing with Core Fleet Management System

The i-Con interface is used to collect source files from various Information Suppliers. Once received, these files are converted (where necessary) and imported into the System. Any subroutines that are needed to process these files in the system are called from i-Con.

The Import Interface is primarily responsible for “preparing” the import files so that they are friendly to the destination database (eg: ensuring that dates are converted to the correct format etc.) and compatible with the system’s data structure before it is imported into the actual system.

While it is fair to assume that no Information Supplier will provide exactly the same information, nor information in exactly the same way, i-Con caters for the various Information Suppliers by allowing the fine-tuning and adjusting of the Import Interface to meet the individual supplier’s data structure.

Case Example
A client required a single point of entry for 3rd party information. The strategy aimed to promote accuracy, sufficiency and overall manageability in terms of this task. The i-Con platform was used to create a “one size fits all” solution that could receive any information from the suppliers and import that information into the client’s vehicle management application.

The solution made use of i-Con’s Import Interface

  • The Import Interface performed the following functions:
  • Collect source files from various information suppliers
  • Convert source files into required formats (e.g. XML to delimited text file)
  • Generate “Normalised” files from the converted source files
  • Generate an “Un-Normalised” file from the converted source for importing into the relevant SQL database
  • Import the normalised files and initiate subroutines to process the files
  • Import the un-normalised files into the designated SQL database
  • Send a confirmation or error report via email on completing work on each file


This solution enabled the client to keep their existing vehicle management application and streamlined the process of importing to all the required supplier information into that application. This meant that the client was able to cut down on errors and time taken when importing supplier information.