ProSolutions has partnered with some of the best, and well known, industry players that share our passion for making a difference to our clients’ businesses.

The ProSolutions’ Partner Network

Originally founded in 1986 as a specialised software development company, ProSolutions became a pioneer in integration application development and today is a leader in its field with exceptional depth of technological skills and experience.

ProSolutions has a track record of providing exceptional services and solutions to a wide variety of clients, both locally and internationally. ProSolutions caters to everyone, from large multi-nationals to specialised niche businesses and start-ups.

Advancing the future
The i-Con platform is an easily implemented middleware solution that creates and provides agile, flexible, communication between applications. i-Con is an Enterprise Service Bus that uses Service Oriented Architecture to integrate applications. i-Con’s ability to facilitate communication between new and legacy applications gives you the flexibility to create new solutions for your clients while retaining all of your old and trusted solutions and systems

i-Con’s ability to be quickly implement modern applications in conjunction with your legacy applications, as well as its scalability, makes it an extremely cost effective solution for your business and a must have if you are planning on growing.