Document Production

Your business needs to communicate effectively to clients as well as staff. Using document templates designed by you and ProSolutions, i-Con can facilitate this communication.

How it works
i-Con selects the required recipient list and template, it then retrieves the required recipient data from a file or database and populates the template generating individual files that can then be sent to the recipient or as a batch to a printer.

Example Case:
Bank A wanted to provide their customers with custom reports. The report templates were already created using Microsoft Word and signed off by business. The requirement was to provide these reports in a PDF format to all selected customers. The PDF files would be emailed to the clients. The solution was to configure i-Con to extract the necessary information from SQL and UniVerse. i-Con would then populate the Microsoft Word templates with the data. After the templates were populated, i-Con would use the PdfMerge and PDF components to create PDFs from the populated templates and then merge and convert them to PDF. After the PDFs were created, i-Con would use the SMTP component to email the generated PDFs to the customers.