Mobile Onboarding Solution

By making use of Web service hosts, UniVerse native connectors, Schedulers, some customised components and OFS formatted components, i-Con can enable financial, and other, institutions to bring already existing products to clients and enable them to open new accounts online by providing easy access to the required information and receive SMS notifications.

Case Example
A Bank desired to allow clients to open accounts with them using mobile technology. The idea was to get as many clients as possible by selling the Banks’ products to the public during street and home interactions with the Banks’ sales agents.

The solution did not sell new products to the public but rather brought the current and already existing products to the clients. The Bank’s agents still need to get the necessary information required for account opening and the products from the clients. Accounts are opened online during interactions and a reference is sent back via SMS to the new clients

The above interface made use of the following components:

  • Web service host
  • UniVerse native connectors
  • Schedulers
  • Customised components
  • OFS formatted components