Retail Branch System Integration

When issuing customer account statements it is important that the account balances and transaction lists are as accurate and up to date as possible.

This means that you need a tool that can, provide integration capacity to applications that were previously incapable of integration, ensure the reliability of all integrated applications, monitor integrated applications and report any errors via email or sms when they occur, and validate statement extracts.

The i-Con tool can provide all of the above services.

Using modular components i-Con can integrate applications and systems at the branch level with applications and systems at the group level. i-Con’s monitor will notify the appropriate department and person should any errors occur in real time. Depending on the severity or urgency of the error the monitor can send the notification via email, sms or both.

At the end of a business day the branch manager uploads all transactions that have taken place at the branch that day to the Business Unit (BU) server. The BU server creates the D/E files updates the transaction log and sends a copy to the Central Processing Server. The Central Processing Server then replicates the occurrences of the BU and reports any errors that may have occurred, logging all transactions and sends an update to APT.